EGRO ZERO Quick Milk

Entry level low to medium volume fully automatic espresso machine
Automatic milk delivery pulled from side one-gallon fridge

Ergonomics and essentiality, versatility and ease ofuse: this is the Quick-Milk model of Egro ZERO. A compact super-automatic, especially designed for locations
with medium-low daily consumption, which still want to offertheir customers professional-quality espresso-based products. It optimises the use of the space available, according elegance and ease of use.

Versatile and multifunctional, EgroZERO allows up to 16 different beveragesto be programmed, and ensuresthat every cup is of the highest quality.Egro ZERO is equipped with an intuitive user interface. The backlit keypad can be activated by a simple touch. The button identifying the chosen product flashes during the entire brewing process – an attractive but also functional detail. Egro ZERO has a highly professional milk system, allowing the user to brew a cappuccino or latte with a soft, dense crema. In the Quick-Milk NMS version, the super-automatic can be fitted with the innovative Cool Box 6.5, an attractive, ergonomic cooling unit with a capacity of over 6 litres. Egro ZERO has a dispensing spout with one of the largest movement ranges on the market, making this super-automatic suitable for the preparation of milk-based beverages in glasses up to 18 cm high, while at the same time ensuring perfect centring in the classic espresso cup. Egro ZERO is particularly suited to self-service applications, thanks to its simplicity and its working area illuminated by LED lights, which ensure greater comfort and ease of use. If this option is chosen, the machine will be delivered complete with a special locking kit, to ensure secure use.



Model Features
Automatic milk frothing and delivery with a push of one button
Milk pulled from side one-gallon refrigerator
Single component two-piece dispensing outlet for easy cleaning

8 button simple user interface (16 products)
Stainless steel 18-gram patented brew group
Dual grinders made by Ditting™
Made of ABS plastic and painted steel
Easy step-by-step daily cleaning program
Central hot water outlet
110v power requirement
2-year parts warranty

Plastic grounds bin container, One month supply of daily cleaning products, Foot extensions.

Tank Version – Self-contained water supply tank and drain
Powder Module – Enables machine to deliver mochas or hot chocolate
Quick Milk Fridge – Refrigerator with access hole for milk hoses
Manual Steam Wand for Quick Milk – Manual steam wand added to Quick Milk for milk frothing
Lock Package – Locks for hopper, grounds drawer, and fridge
Non-Centralized Hot Water Outlet – Separate hot water outlet

Machine Dimensions
W x D x H (in)
13 x 24 x 31

Machine Weight (lbs)

Machine Voltage (v)

Quick Milk Fridge Dimensions
W x D x H (in)
9 x 19 x 14

Quick Milk Fridge Weight (lbs)

Quick Milk Fridge Voltage (v)

Water Boiler (L)

Steam Boiler (L)

Boiler Power (w)