ERGO BYO Pure Coffee

BYO makes it possible to use your own mobile device to interact remotely with the coffee machine. Its technology gives also the opportunity to design personalised solution to view menus and deliver orders using interactive multimedia touchscreen totems. BYO FIXED available with a Samsung tablet set up as a fixed screen and provide by the company.

Three different password-protected access levels:
Operator | Displays the machine manuals and enables the cleaning/rinsing cycles of the various circuits of the fully-automatic machine to be run.
Manager | Displays the statistics and makes it possible to set the quantities for the drinks being brewed.
Technician | Complete access to all the essential machine parameters.

Three different operating modes:
Queue | The selected products are placed in a queue. It is possible for any drink on the list thus created to be brewed earlier or later or to be cancelled or new drinks added.
Productivity | Simultaneous brewing of the coffee/milk/powder, steam and water.
Self-service | Customers can prepare one drink at a time on their own without the support of the bar staff.



Samsung™ Fixed Android™ Tablet
Two grinders & hoppers
iSteam intelligent steam wand
Centralized hot water
Americano bypass single cup

Technical Features
Espresso (cups / hour): single 125
double 205
Cafe Creme (cups / hour): single 109
double 140
Hot Water (cups / hour): 186
Recommended Daily Output (cups / day): 200
Energy loss per day [kWh]: 1,772
Central Hot Water Outlet, Powder Inlet
Coffee: Second Grinder, Self Adjusting Grinder, Bypass single or dual Cup, Ejection Device for Waste Coffee Drawer, Automatic Spout
Hot Water: External Hot Water outlet right side
Steam: C-Lever Steam Wand, C-Lever Steam Wand with Cool Touch, iSteam, iSteam PLUS (3 valves)
Miscellaneus: Option Self, Lock Package
Cup Warmer, Powder Module, Various Payment Systems

Dimensions W x D x H (in) (standard fridge) 12 x 23 x 31
Steam/Coffee Boiler (L) 1.9/0.5
Voltage (v) 220
Element (w) 6700
Amperage (a) 30